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How to record charging rates from Freshmile ?



  • Lineflyer

    A combined kWh and time based pricing is possible to define as a new individual tariff.
    It is however currently not possible (up to my best knowledge) to let those pricings change depending on the duration of the charging session.

    Also if this feature would be added, it could still never be very accurate as the exact duration might differ between your charging operator measurement and the data logging by Tronity. Not sure if it would be worth the development effort though.

    Honestly I do consider such tariff structure a bit strange and not very user friendly. By the way: Does it mean you can charge for free if you just stop and start the session each 30 minutes?

  • Guillaume

    It's a charger at a supermarket so that customers can charge for free first 30 minutes during shopping and after 30 minutes more you stay more you pay. You are identified by operator card.

    I don't know if mobile app changed recently but now I am able to edit a charge record and modify cost directly.
    If I can do that on mobile app it's ok for me.

    I agree with you it doesn't worth the development effort. 

    Thanks for your help. Tronity is a great app versus legacy app (PSA car).


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