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One vehicle - two drivers




  • Lineflyer

    That sounds kind of strange. What car are you driving?
    At least for Tesla it is for sure bound to the car, not to the driver.

  • Ken Muir

    Apologies for the delay in responding. I've been experimenting with various software set-ups.

    The vehicle is a Skoda Enyaq. I now think the problem is entirely related to Skoda software and how it manages (or doesn't manage!) multiple users. One user - usually the first to register - is designated as the primary user. All others are subordinate to that. You can't have two or more users with identical primary privileges. Compared to the primary user, the data visible to secondary users through Skoda's own Android or Apple apps is reduced, so I assume that is what has affected Tronity's ability to capture data when a secondary user is driving the vehicle. Although I really enjoy the Enyaq, the software environment in the vehicle is a significantly poor feature. This user management is just one example of a badly designed module. If you can only have one primary user account and have to share that with every other user to give them full access, that's really the same as having NO primary user account. Why bother?

    I've now deleted my old primary user account and my wife's old secondary user account. We've created a whole new joint primary user account that we both use. Of course this needed a new email address that we would both use etc. Then I had to change my/our Tronity account to link the vehicle to this new identity and password. So far I think the changes have worked. We've not tested every combination of trips, charges, driver, passenger etc but I think we're getting there.

    Thanks to Tronity I actually get much more useful information than any Skoda interface (mobile apps or browser) provides.

  • Lineflyer

    That really sounds like its related to the Skoda software in that case.

    Anyway, if you experience a particular problem with your data in Tronity in future, you can consider to open a ticket directly, rather than posting in this forum.

    The Tronity team will be keen to help you.
    For that just use the "Submit request" function on top:

  • Galbraith Muir

    Thanks for the response. I posted here in case it was an issue that I'd caused and others had seen, and fixed, the same problem. As it happens, this thread may be useful to any other Enyaq drivers out there who see this!

    Very enjoyable car, but VW/Skoda really need to bring the software environment up to the same standard overall as the rest of the vehicle.

  • Matti Remonen


    this seems to be a feature in MEB-platform. Same happens with my car (Audi Q4 e-Tron) when my wife drives it: trips are not recorded, since her profile is of "local" type.


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