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Charging price based on Nordpool rates

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  • Bodo Steinnagel

    I agree this would be an awesome feature to add.

  • Katrine

    I agree!

  • Henrik Hovhag

    I second that suggestion.

  • KennethB

    Getting this feature would be an absolute gamechanger for all users of the Tronity app across supported countries who purchase electricity at an hourly rate called spot-price - see list below.

    As this is an API based data-pull it would be a relative simple one-time setup for all users, or potentially a 3rd party service-app in Tronity

    Link to API documentation:
    Nordpool Day-Ahead Prices:

    Country Name (Country code) Delivery areas
    Austria (AT) AT
    Belgium (BE) BE
    Germany (DE) DE,DE-LU,50Hz,AMP,TTG,TBW
    Denmark (DK) DK,DK1,DK2
    Estonia (EE) EE
    Finland (FI) FI
    France (FR) FR
    United Kingdom (GB) UK, GB1(from May 25th and onwards you need to use UK instead of GB1)
    Lithuania (LT) LT
    Luxembourg (LU) DE-LU
    Latvia (LV) LV
    Netherlands (NL) NL
    Norway (NO) NO,NO1,NO2,NO3,NO4,NO5
    Poland (PL) PL,PLC
    Sweden (SE)



  • tronity_5

    Sweden (SE) is S1,S2,SE3,SE4

  • Michel Beld

    Yeah, I also use Nordpool data, and pay by the hour. This would be a great addition. 

  • marko.eleinen

    Connect Tronity with Gridio to get the price data automatically for the charging hours.

  • KennethB

    @marcko, Gridio is a great app, I also use their Smart Charging feature for charging at the lowest price. They are also using Nordpool data integration for this I’m assuming.
    Unfortunately they also don’t store your charging history and prices, which would resolve this feature request.

  • Mikael Stendahl

    This would be a great addition, and pretty much a must these days. Any word from the Tronity staff on this?

  • Lineflyer

    Tronity referenced this feature request in their latest newsletter as upcoming new feature.

    I don't know the details of Nordpool pricing, but I would also like to see an integration of Tibber variable prices to get correct charging costs on my homecharger which runs on Tibber flexible prices. I guess this is something pretty similar to what is requested here?!


  • tronity_5

    Yes, you are correct, if we go via notdpool, it will be the same as Tibber , Greenely etc.

  • Marion Braun

    this would also bei very helpful for AWATTAR-Cusotmers with hourly changing prices


  • Lineflyer

    The same feature request for AWATTAR is already listed here:

    For sure such a feature should cover several of those dynamic pricings.


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