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Neues Auto: Polestar 2



  • Fabian Guter

    (English summary) 

    Support for reading SOC and other information from Polestar 2 vehicles. Potential methods could be to develop a helper app for the Android automotive OS onboard (approach that ABRP followed) or use an API accessing the Polestar/Volvo cloud that makes these data available to the companion smartphone app offered by Polestar.


  • Fabian Guter

    Additional information:

    Polestar developer platform:


  • Thomas Hoeger


    indeed - I am planning to purchase a Polestar around September 2023 - with the new MY2024 features.

    It would be really great, if tronity could provide an option to read the travel data from the polestar.
    I started with a Tesla - having a great Tronity support. Currently, using an ID.4 I am not happy with the level of information, which can be recorded. I am aware, that this is an issue of the VW API and the VW mindset.

    However  - google automotive is a well documented platform, so it should be possible to create s solution for this car.
    What are the plans, what can be a trigger to create the capability allowing to tronity for a polestar?

    Thanks for the feedback



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