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  • Stein Mjelde

    I have the same issue on e-2008. If I refresh manually in MyPeugeot app its updated. Would be nice to get resolved

  • Michael Winter

    This is the same issue on my eC4, however I just want to know current SoC after finishing charging for planning in ABRP. It finished charging hours ago and if you pull down to refresh it doesn’t seem to force an actual pull of new data.

  • thomas.pieper

    Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem wie der User Stein Mjede (e-2008)

  • Calico

    I asked about this months ago to the Tronity support. Unfortunately they won’t be able to do anything, it’s a PSA limitation :

    « no this is a PSA overall issue for AC charges. They implemented this so that the car can go to sleep.
    Only for DC charges an update will sent. We asked PSA already if we can get a refresh endpoint
    like the MyPeugeot App. But still waiting for it. »

  • Joost Kranendonk

    Likewise, this issue also affects the Corsa-e. I understand they like the car to "go to sleep", but why? What is the effect on the electronics of not sleeping (if only during charging) and send updates every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes?

    I also suspect the cellular reception of PSA cars, in my case the Corsa-e, is limited. Hence, I often have to physically check on the car to be sure it is (still) charging and how far it got at that charging point. And yes, I have tried 'forcing' a refresh in the MyOpel (MyPeugeot) app by changing the deferred charging or scheduling/activating preconditioning (in case you didn't know, it works more often than the usual refresh options). I am even investigating options to 'chiptune' the car's software to wake it up every 60 minutes and sync its status.

    Anyway. Those issues are better aimed at PSA devs than here at Tronity. :-)

  • Gerrit Hannaert

    I feel performance has gotten worse.

    Previously (before the big Tronity v2 update?) Tronity % state of charge would lag, but still match the MyOpel state of charge in the app: so refreshing the status in MyOpel (through the tricks mentioned by Joost, above) would result in Tronity showing the same state of charge a little bit later.

    Now the two seem to be disconnected for me. Car has been AC connected for 3 days; MyOpel shows 74%, Tronity shows 24% :-(

    Is anyone noticing the same?


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