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Charging loss calculation

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  • Karsten Willing

    In the web view you can enter the correct kW/h as correction. However, this is very time-consuming for each individual charge. As an alternative, it would be desirable to be able to specify a percentage charge loss across the board. This is not exact but better than without correction value.

  • Fabian Guter

    The percentage could e.g. be a setting of the charging plan. E.g. my charging plan for „charging with the Notladekabel“ always has the same loss, as well as my wallbox at home has.

  • Fabian Guter

    Also, it would be great to be able to enter the correct amount of power delivered in the app, not just the web view.

  • Dirk Koch

    On the charge difference site the numbers are rounded to whole numbers.

    I would like to see one digit after the dot and the difference in percent too.

  • Ivan Albreht

    @Chris Litton

    Power (kW) or amount of energy (kWh)? It is a big difference.


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