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“Pending approval”


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  • Olaf Arlt

    I totally agree. I saw comments from myself from weeks ago which were still "pending for approval".
    Make it well or don't do it at all. But half-hearted things will only lead to frustration on both sides.
    Or get rid of the approval feature if you don't have the manpower but also don't want to shut down this forum. Most forums fare well without and I would be surprised if this community would create more problems than the average forum community.

  • Lineflyer

    I was asked by Tronity to help a bit as "Community Moderator" on voluntary basis. So as time permits I read and post here and am also able to approve comments. So it might take some days until I notice pending approval (seemingly I can't even explicitly search for those).

    I agree to what you are saying, this delay is preventing real discussions from happening. I personally don't think removing the approval process is the best choice, but rather think more moderation activity (either by Tronity or more volunteer moderators) could be helpful.



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